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Specialising in business systems support and process improvement.  Design, development and supply of effective tools and approaches to simplify, standardise and automate your key activities.

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Repetitive Tasks

Is there something you create often; daily, weekly?  Even if it takes only a short time there is opportunity for significant improvement.  Perhaps you're exporting data from Business system and re-formatting and analysing in a spreadsheet?  No matter what it is, if you do it often then simplify, standardise and automate

Registers and Lists

Each Business has particular requirements but, every Business has a "register" or 'list" of some kind!  This could be a simple list of clients in a card file a quote log, or perhaps a complex matrix of interrelated spreadsheets.  One thing is common with this approach though; it is difficult to maintain and keep things up to date and extracting summary and accurate Business data is cumbersome and time consuming.

Hand Written Documents

If you're hand writing on paper or typing in a word processor or spreadsheet to create key operational documents such as delivery dockets or work instructions then there is a huge opportunity for increased efficiency and accuracy.

If you're using hand written documents for key processes or have migrated to spreadsheet versions of the same thing, then there is certainly opportunity to simplify and automate.  Perhaps user interaction with your business system is cumbersome and inefficient?  Improvements in time savings, data accuracy and management reporting can be significant.  Explore options, implement solutions and improve your Business.

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