Specialising in business systems support and process improvement.  Design, development and supply of effective tools and approaches to simplify, standardise and automate your key activities.

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High level process mapping can be used to identify opportunites and a variety of tools can be applied to analyse and deliver improvements.  From data driven statistical approaches to a "just do it" attack, each Lean Project will deliver measurable and sustainable improvements.

There's always a better way!  No matter how efficient you believe your business processes to be, there's always room for improvement.  You probably already know what needs attention?  Or, a top level overview may be required to identify opportunities?  Establish where you're at and take action to find a better way.

Lean Enterprise

Analyse processes to eliminate waste, reduce lead time and minimise working capital.  Apply this simple approach to any and all areas of business.  Identify where there's a need to improve, set targets aligned with high level strategy and define Lean Projects to deliver results.  Apply Lean techniques and tools to create a more agile, responsive environment focused on the customer.



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Improved on-time delivery.  Better service levels.  Shorter lead times. Higher quality. Increased safety.  Reduced costs.  Greater productivity.  Customer focused processes.  A continuous improvement culture and a Lean Enterprise is the goal.